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What makes us different from other firms? Our ablity to efficiently design a unique solution, and provide you with the metrics you need! One manufacturing client received a monthly report from us detailing the cost to mainain a certain piece of equipment. The report stated that through analysis, we noticed their costs for maintenence were increasing weekly and were expected to trend upward. We worked with them to implement a new equipment strategy on that piece of equipment and it significantly lowered their weekly costs. The machine had more uptime as a result and profit increased over $600,000/year.

Another client wanted to know the numbers behind what percent of a discount to give to loyal customers. We created a graph that displayed how much sales would need to increase based on how much of a discount was given. We also recommended a few different strategies on how to implement the new program to maximize profit. Once the plan was executed, profits increased nearly 15%.

We also regularly do analytics for retail clients and do a constant analysis of which products are most profitable and should be featured, which products are frequently purchased at the same time, and which products may just be taking up space in critical areas.

An additonal area we cover is analysis of marketing data. An organization we partnered with was just launching their business and did a survey on prospective customers about which features a certain product would need to have for them to purchase it. Initially, the company had trouble interpreting the data, but we creatively identified some critical trends in the responses that played a huge role in shaping the product.

You can be our next success story! Our services are not an expense-they're an investment that will boost profits year after year. And since we generally use a recurring revenue model, our prices are lower than the industry standard.